Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings.

So some little 10 year old kid with dreads won Tampa am. Whee. I am trying to picture it, but I just can’t. I am sure he’s super rad, but I just have a hard time watching little kids skate. They lack power and charisma on their board. I don’t know about you guys, but I would rather see Reese Forbes ollie over stuff all day than watch Ryan Sheckler backside kickflip off a car wash rooftop through a flaming hoop and into a pool of Lay’s potato chips.
Wait, that would be hilarious. I take that back – I want to see Sheckler do that stunt!

I got a ton of emails from you guys. Thanks. It makes doing this seem a little more worthwhile. I have been spending alot of time getting interviews together and trying to entertain you weiners. Soon you will be bombarded with sensory overload. Be prepared.

It’s late and I am tired.

Go read this.