Feet Shoes

Your guess is as good as mine as to why I was thanked in what may be the longest thank you section in quite possibly the most lengthy skateboarding video in history. We’ll call it the final mystery of 2007. The skating in said video is superb A+++, and the filming and art direction are also very well done. The editing is a little overdramatic, and the music ranges from surprisingly good to “holy jesus, what human being with even a modicum of taste would even consider using this song in a skate video??”. I’ll let you decide which songs fall into each category after you buy this video from your local skateshop and do not download it off the internet.

Locally, everyone in “Millwakee” might want to check out the newly available mkeskate.com “Good Morning Milwaukee” skateboarding video on DVD which should be available now at your friendly neighborhood skateshop. As a nice bonus my video from 2003 “Hurry up and Die” is also on the dvd. It has different edits of Jon Bunch and Lutzka’s parts. Both have a ton of newer and better footage that isn’t in the youtube/premiere version of the video.