Find Gary Busey

nocomplywalliessschoolwebNick “Point Break” Mistele – Everytime Nick watches Point Break and sees Pappas gunned down he imagines himself revenging his death using the “Power of Gnar” with such tricks as seen above. Wallride Nollie, SS FS Bigspin, and a Wallie No Comply.

bscrailfltittiewebVince “Predator 2” Stranc – Vince always wanted to be just like Special Agent Keyes until he saw the scene where he’s killed by a throwing disc. Vince always brings up “Who the fuck gets killed by a throwing disc!?” anytime the movie is brought up in conversation. Here’s a photo of Vince doing a backside Crail Stall.

fakiefliprswebMatt “Rookie Of The Year” Nordness – Chet “The Rocket” Steadman was always Matt’s favorite Character in ROTY. Some people out there believe that Chet may have something to do with the origins of Bman. Fs Nosegrind, Bs Feeble, Crook, and a Fakie Kickflip.