Another day with nothing to say.

Tim already covered Old Dude Night. I didn’t take a single photo. So we’re going to have to skip that coverage this week. Bummer.

Same drill as yesterday: Old Crap.

Here’s a photo of Mike Roebke doing a switch varial heel off the jumper at Dirty Palms in September of 2004. This is the last photo I took of him trying, so I’m guessing this is the one he landed. It’s obviously not the greatest photo, but it’s a good trick. The footage is in the last Northern video.

This is almost an inspirational “going for it” 80’s movie song in photo format. Keep trying, and no matter how much they try to keep you down, you will triumph! It also illustrates why this place is called Dirty Palms. Your hands get dirty if you fall, get it?

The Grand Canyon is cool.

So are vintage Pabst bottles.

And Roger when he was a puppy.

I guess NYC is cool too.

Photo of the day #34

Sometimes people are oblivious to the obvious hints that it’s time to go on a diet.