French Roll

Is there someone in the Triumvirate named Jeremy? Seems like this news article HAS to be about someone that’s at least associated with us at the very lest.

Besides that, anyone who was thinking of getting THUG 2, don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an insultingly bad piece of crap in my life. At least the other Tony Hawk games minorly entertained the fact that they may possibly care about making a game that skateboarders would enjoy, but obviously they’ve given that idea up and are now just pandering to the average joe. Within the first two minutes of the game you are doing such pointless crap as spray painting on walls and skating as Ben Franklin. Don’t even bother. Good thing I only rented it.

Someone posted this video clip on the forums that makes me very concerned for this Swedish lad’s nether regions. I can safely say in all my years of skateboarding, that this is the first time i’ve ever seen someone focus their board the long way with their balls. Amazing.