Give em the knee shooters. [Wyatt makes the boobs bigger]

I just realized that above is posted the third video clip I’ve made in the last week. I’ve never made two new video clips in one week before, let alone three. Not to mention that I probably made three new ones in the last three years until recently. I’m pretty into it right now, hopefully I can stick with it.

The clip is of course, yet another Cream City video clip. Maybe a Cream City overload lately? I don’t know, they’re sure fun to film and put together though. It’s seriously so much fun to skate with all these guys and all the nonsense that goes with it. As I mentioned the other day, best friends ever. How about Stemper at the end of that clip? Dude kills it. Half the time I can barely film him because I never know where he’s going to go or what trick he’s going to do next. Sorry some of the filming got kind of wacky. I may or may not have also been on the sauce. Enjoy. Cream City #5.

What’s an update without a photo of some sort??