Glitch, Bitch!

Well, it was a long week for me – packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking and cleaning again – but I am officially moved in to my new house here in Milwaukee. I couldn’t be more stoked. The place is spacious and cheap (like your mom) and I even get my own office. Check it!

As you can see, it doubles as a game room. I have my Gamecube with the new Zelda game to keep me from updating the main page (sorry Josh). I just hope it doesn’t keep me from skating.

Speaking of skating, did you guys hear about the possiblity of a triumvirate video? If I can convince Josh to start filming again, it could be a total blockbuster. With a little effort from all three figureheads within the Iowisconsota, anything can happen. Could be bigger than The Jazz Singer.
Let’s get to work guys!