God bless ’em!

I was going through photos and stuff, and there’s just too much. I decided that as per Josh’s request, I’m going to let the world know what I’ve been up to. Obviously I’ll spare the empty comments like “as if you care” because let’s face it; you’re reading this/looking at it.

There’s too much to tell, so I decided to start with my last night (pt. 8) at Rivers.

Josh was spitting beer in the air, and it pretty much ruled. Next we have a bit of funny stuff from when I was a kid. It’s a letter I wrote my parents when I was at summer camp.

Here’s how I spent my first weekend in town. Beaching it up with the crew in Connecticut

Finally, this is what the hallway in my new house looks like. It’s pretty amazing and I really lucked out. I’m going to keep the updates coming, but for now I’ll keep it short because I don’t want to push out all the rad updates Ellis has been doing with his new camera. In the next few updates, I’ll cover our dancing sessions with rare photos of STPG killing it on the dance floor and the suicide ride.