Growing Old

Whoa, it’s been a while since I last posted. Took a vacation, got burnt on skating, the stoke is somewhat creeping in so I better take advantage before it disappears again!

So there’s this skate object we call a “Bauer.” It’s essentially any type of bank or transition leading up to a curb, block, ledge, planter, parking block etc, etc. First time I heard this term was from a Roselle Park local Russ and I called “Green Lantern”(he always wore that 101 shirt). I think he was describing some trick on the “Bauer.” I kept looking around the park confused until he pointed at the bank to ledge…”the Bauer box.” I thought it was funny so the term stuck with me.

There was this one moment where I was talking about a Bauer spot and I noticed Jimmy Brickner overhearing the conversation. “What’s a ‘Bowzer’?” he asked inquisitively. “Oh, a bowser?…it’s um..” I didn’t want to correct him, “Do you know who Koopa or Yoshi is?…” Eventually I told him.

Anyway, here’s a vx compilation of some Bauer skating over the years….

Bauer mix from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

And this Halloween, you could see Hank and friends doing thangs…

HANK trailer from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.