Hammer Smashed Face

So looks like it’s that time of the day again…

The photo taking went alright last night. I haven’t had a chance to check out if anything turned out magical, the camera’s battery was dead when I got back, and it was also way past my bedtime. Although, when I was walking back to my house I saw Tim drive past so I called him up. “Hey, I just saw you drive past!” “Oh, I’m just out here doing burners in the snow!!”. So imagine Tim driving his Benzo (probably exactly what NWA was thinking of when they wrote the line “Me and Lorenzo rolling in a Benzo”) driving around in the middle of the night in a snow storm doing fish tails around the block for fun. Tantilizing. Then we drew a huge wang on my roomates car, and he went home.

Have I ever told this story on here? One day I was walking to lunch like I do everyday and a group of kids were playing in a yard. As I approached, one of the kids who was probably about 9 years old threw something across the street, and it landed on the sidewalk I was walking on. I was about half a block away, so I really couldn’t tell what it was as it sailed through the air in a huge rainbow arc. Apprehensively I approached the item, and as I grew nearer it became clear what we were dealing with here. This child had just thrown a huge dildo across the street onto the sidewalk. I don’t even want to think about why he had it, and what prompted him to wing it angrily across 12th Avenue. Nevertheless, it was a life changing experience. The dildo was gone the next day.

I have a big fancy date tonight, better start mentally preparing with some going for it songs!!

Rad Soundtrack – Thunder In Your Heart
Joe Esposito – You’re the Best Around
Survivor – The Moment of Truth
Mark Safan – Win In The End
Bone Symphony – One Foot In Front of the Other
Chaz Jankel – Number One

After all that I’ll be able to run Hell track, put Johnny in a body bag, do backflips on moving box trucks, install cameras in the pi’s sorority house, and demolish a house using only popcorn. I’m ready for anything!