Handy The Movie: Edition 2

Handy The Movie: Edition 2 from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

I feel like I’ve written this diatribe at least six times now, but here we go anyway.

Instagram is great to quickly film up a few clips, edit them together with some quick cuts and LOLs, and post.  You might get some sick comments and several “likes” leading to that nice dopamine blast.  But that’s it, one or two days later, it’s never watched again.

The Handy series is an attempt to rescue these clips from the Memory Hole.  Above is Handy Edition 2, the cream off the top of my cell phone data from 2015.  The clips are presented in chronological order, more or less.  Enjoy?

Below, same idea.  One photo per month, from the cell phone data.  Year 2015.