Have I Known You Longer Than A Year??

Today thus far has been nothing but work, and then obtaining items to give to others for Santa’s birthday. I’m making a lot of my gifts this year, so it hasn’t been so bad. What else says “Take Me Home Tonight” than a handmade gift made with all the love contained in your heart??

Christmas Spirit!!

One day while I was driving home from work I spotted those humping snow people. I risked the deadly Midwestern cold to snap that shot. It was dangerous. In the second picture you can see my dog’s shame in knocking that poor snowman’s arm off with a single wild whip of her tail. She just doesn’t know her strength. Finally, my favorite thing about the malls during the holidays: Hermit Crab Kiosk!!!! Whoever dreamed that up is surely a millionaire by now. A genius millionaire.

As Steve was alluding to, I added some ads to the site. I’m hoping to earn at least five dollars a month to pay for one of my daily lunch visits to Subway. That dude that used to work there that I thought was trying to win my heart with slightly scary hookups no longer works there, so it’s full price for me!

Maybe I forgot the 7 year anniversary of the site? I’ll check tomorrow.