Last night I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with some old dudes riding skateboards at the best skatepark in the world. It was fun and the session got sparked for a few minutes on the rail and stairs. Big Will always comes through (switch fs flip first try) and Lord Cru even got his with a front blunt to fakie down the rail. I flaked on my trick and Captian noseblunt slid the bank next to the stairs. Josh broke two boards in the process of dedicating a 360 flip to the recently passed Counselor Troi; his pet betta (it’s a fish and if you get the play on it’s name you’re a nerd). Uncle Aaron was even there and many others. It was great, but next time there better be more old dudes. Where was Rock? Pizzy? Weepy? Oh, and Josh and Captain had fun throwing a ball at each others balls.

In other news, it’s amazing that I am doing this update at all. I possibly have the worst computer ever (the Apple IIc wasn’t made for this). I guess that makes things sort of exciting as any minute this whole update could be gone and I could be looking at a blank green screen. Puts the pressure on and motivates me to type and think fast.

Aaron over at Sky High has been doing a series of boards by local businesses. So far, he has done two; Paper Boat and Fasten. Both of the boards are sick and you should go to his shop and check them out. This month he is releasing two more decks. One is from the best tattoo shop in Milwaukee, and the other is from Fashion Ninja. Go buy them on the 15th.

Later nerds.