Heat, On Laser Disc

2020 into 2021.

Not much going on, right?

During this pandemic I was a decent citizen. I stayed home, and if not, I was meandering all over the city on my bike taking b/w photos of crap in alleys.

To maintain a bit of sanity I would occasionally ride the bike downtown to meet up with the skate brethren and shoot a telephoto spaced out photo or two.

I haven’t been good at sharing this stuff because well, no one looks at the site anymore. It does work as a decent photo repository for self use, so maybe I’ll keep adding more here or there.

Here’s some recent-ish selections from who knows when.

David Gackstetter, backside smith. This set up was less Berra than one might guess by just looking at the photo. All materials were found onsite, so any tricks here receive a slightly higher score than if the materials were brought in from an outside source.
A mother load of debris. I felt blessed to find this post apocalyptic scene, while actually living in an apocalyptic scenario.
Drew Rickaby, backside nosegrind. Look at Bradford’s dumb hands creeping into the scene. I shot this on a Canon Rebel 2000, the same camera I used to shoot photos of Ben Vance for use on wiskate.com twenty years ago. Ben Vance did not already do this nosegrind though.
I lied, this is from pre pandemic. You can tell, because there are humans in the photo acting like normal people. Remember that? I wonder what Pizzy is showing to Hank here? Maybe they’re looking at the wiskate.com Wiki to find out what tricks Ben Vance already did.
Sean Hanley, wallride nollie. This is also from before the pandemic. The debris used to make the cellar door skateable were found onsite in this scenario as well. It’s weird how over the years you could either skate this spot forever, or get kicked out in one second.
Vince Stranc, boneless. I really am a dummy, this is also pre lockdown. I guess I’ve just been sitting on all of these photos for longer than I realized. Landing on that grate is kind of scary. I know it’s not likely to happen, but if you fell into that zone you’d be living a similar scenario to the South Korean film “The Host”.
Max Murphy – Boban assisted tailslide. Now we’re back on track. I rode my bike over here, and Risser was unloading the Boban from his van. Some points lost due to offsite material logistics, but still a nice scene. He did the same trick on another taller loading dock roughly fifty feet from here. This photo is nicer.
Curb delivery. Pre Covid.
Safety first! I hope we’re all through this soon, friends!