Hey Player, Let Me Get You a Snack.

Chase “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos” Hopper, did this Fakie Pop Shuv 2nd try about an hour into our 4 hour Riverside Session this past Sunday. I think in the 4 hours we were there I watched him eat 5 bags of flamin’ hot cheetos. #playervibes

Matt “Kettle Cooked, Lays Original and Ruffles Classics” Nordness, It’s crazy to think how easy it is for Matt to do tricks like this BS 360 after watching him eat 3 family sized bags of chips the night before while grilling out. #Bman4ever

Vince “Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar” Stranc, Sometimes you’re just the kind of guy who enjoys the finer things in life, Ollie Body Varials, Bluntslide Melon Grabs to Fakie, and Sharp Harvest Cheddar. When Vince can’t get his hands on a nice block of SHC he reaches for the Sun Chip variety. #makethatabet

tailsliderevestasmallalleyoopbsflipestawebJimmy “Baby Carrots and Ranch” Brickner, I have secretly (until now) proclaimed Jimmy the king of estabrook for a while now. Secret Killer, always doing things like this Tailslide Revert and Kickflip Fakie. In order to be the king one must keep his body in tip top form. Jimmy seems to always be eating healthy, never really understood why, until this very moment in history. #urburnt