Hi Everyone

Hi everyone! Tim asked me to introduce myself since I am now going to be a regular on Wiskate hopefully giving you some good dirt from over here in California. I tried writing a introduction of myself but they kept sounding like a scenester myspace page. So instead I asked my friend Boosh to write me up an intro. Boosh likes to call me at 3am while on tour, he is always drunk and believes me when I tell him I am having a pillow fight with my roommates and 8 Swedish lingerie models. We also like to talk about our obsession with the OC. He was supposed to come over to my house and bring his Season 1 box set for Mimosa Thanksgiving but didn’t so he owes me.

“There could quite possibly be a million ways you can describe Kimmy, but they are seldom used. The ones you usually hear are she is drunk, making out with ____, or asleep. But what you may not know is that someeeeetimes when shes at work shes not drunk. I know you all are amazed, but I recently found that out. To see her, try to find the very single, very disease free young lady sitting in the front desk at Black Box. The only other thing I know is that she makes the best birthday cards around, those shits are straught up gangster. Word. Now give it up for Kimmy, the blowjob queen of San Diego. Just kidding.” – Boosh