Huddle Formation.

How many of you play RPG’s on your PS2 or Gamecube or XBOX or Intellivision? How many of you have had a handjob from an inexperienced girl? If you have, then you most likely have experienced JOBD. What is JOBD, you ask? Well, you know how in RPG’s when your character gets hit, a number appears over his head that says something like -25? When you’re getting a H.J. from a girl you are most likely getting jerk off battle damage.

Most girls couldn’t beat their way out of a wet paper bag let alone give a decent handy. Steer clear of this horror and go straight for the header. If you must get rubbed raw, go for some armor like a good lube or even a rubber. If you’re uncircumsized, you’re good. That’s an armor class of +3. Just play it safe and use common sense. Good luck.

John McGuire over at Zero emailed me this morning and wanted me to pass along this message; “The first person to send me a copy of the new Northern Athletik video will get a secret prize package from Scary skateboards”

I am assuming scary skateboards is Zero, so that might interest some of you kids. Send the vid to:
VISTA CA 92081
Get on it!

I also wanted to share a internet conversation that I was a part of….

Hybriddtheorum: i like food charlotte. *whoo!* i lyke death. pink hair rulez! OMG i luv billy talent. they are so talented and billy. i luv2 sk8b0@rd!!!!1111one omg like how can u not listen to sum 31? dey r da bomb! OMGZ werez all 2blamez. woohoo blink182 roxxxx to the max! omg i luv metallica. dey r metalicz. i r0XXX to the maxcore! OMG ur not a punk ur just a pozer. iz a tru hardc0re sk8ater grrrl!!! i lik F00D Musicz.

LarryDallas: I like food music, too! Remember that song Weird Al did called “Eat it”? “Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat!”

Ahhh the internet, where would we be without it?