Huffin Gether.

In response to Mike’s query about Stemper and his website sponsor; the answer is yes. And it just so happens to be this beauty of a site. Don’t ask, and whatever you do do not try to steal him away. Never fuck with the voice of the independent flockmaster.

The time I met and skated with Rob Dyrdek he was super nice and ripped, but every time I watch Rob and Big, I try to pretend that Dyrdek has nothing to do with skateboarding. I love the show. It’s funny and retarded, but it bums me out how they try to incorporate skateboarding into each episode. The things they do have about as much to do with skateboarding as pet and bar photos.

Speaking of pets, how about that Gary? I buy a case of oranges and what happens?

What a fucker.

Later nerds.