Hump Day… again.

How come it always seems like it’s Hump Day? My life is a proverbial Hump Day. Every day is like a wednesday. Always seeming to build to some great weekend… but its really just like it was during the week… I just don’t have to go to work.

Remember… that dude Lutzka will be in town NEXT weekend. Thats right… Cream City, Dec. 23rd. Greg the Destroyer will be landing tricks you will NEVER land. Dude is an alien. For reals.

I made a mission to a certain full pipe in the last couple of weeks. It was sketchy as hell. We almost got caught being stupid twice and had trucks driving past us. I can’t believe we didn’t get caught. All I can figure is that either they didn’t care, or they just didn’t see us. Which seems impossible. But then again, I had my Lord of the Rings cloak on… so I guess it’s understandable. But you would have thought the other two kooks I was with would have been sighted. Orcs must have bad vision. You can see the results here and here.

The snow is melting. I wish it weren’t… I love the white stuff. If you love the cold icy depths of winter like I do… you can come over to my house and we can we can make our own! For the rest of you skate nerds. That means that you can probably go out and skate this weekend. Whoo-Hoo! Call me up if you wanna shot some photos… I’m down!

The latest issue of Stuck Mag is out. Hit up your local shop for a copy. You’ve got local yokels Marques Devaugn and Noah Staller holdin’ it down.

Today’s photo is of Sean Hanley – Crooked Grind, Cancer Rail, Appleton, WI Sean ruined his good pants on this rail a couple of years ago. Got in trouble from his band director or something too cause he was late to practice. Damn rebel high school skate punks…

You can see more skate madness at

And now a moment of silence. It looks like we’ve lost one more mammal here on the 3rd rock. The chinesse White Dolphin is effectively extinct. Lets hope this NEVER happens to Josh’s favorite Narwhal