Hurry Up and Try – Full Video

Hurry Up and Try from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

A Skateboarding video from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Filmed mostly from August to December 2012. Premiered January 2013.

Starring Max Murphy & Matt Nordness.

With a little help from John Rockafellow, John Toms, Josh Ellis, Russ Clark, Eric Risser, Neal Shah, Nate Theis, Tim Olson, Bill Kaschner, Gabe Chan, Pat Forster, Mikey al Wathiqui, John Mcguire, Scott Gall, TJ Bohach, Drew Rickaby, Dan Jackson, Chad Benson, Jamiel Nowparvar, Bradford Bishop, Jimmy Brickner, Jeff Chase, Jon Bunch, Danny Stemper, Chase Hopper, Steve Green, Jevon Deede, and Nick Mistele.

Filmed and edited by Josh Ellis.

With a little help from Gabe Chan, Blake Housenge, Nate Theis, Reilly Schlitt, Randy Lorenz, Travis Wood, Joey Beaver, Andre Simmons, Mike Rapaich, Max Murphy, Dan Jackson, Eric Risser, and Ryan Hanson.