Hurry Up & Try DVDs – ONLY $8.00!!

Hurry Up & Try – INTRO & MAX MURPHY from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

In September of last year I had a sudden realization – it was going to be the 10 year anniversary of the video I made in 2003 called Hurry Up & Die. We didn’t have much time, winter was about to arrive. I decided I should film as much of it as I could using the same kind of camera I had used ten years earlier. I’m not sure why, maybe nostalgia, maybe masochism, but it had to be done. After four months, 1000 beers, and a lot of cold times in the great outdoors, a skateboard video materialized on my computer starring the best of friends; Max Murphy and Matt Nordness. To get their backs, they also brought along a trove of 100 of their most trolled out friends. Thus was born – Hurry Up and Try!

It can be all yours for the low, low price of $8.00 (shipping included!)

But wait, that’s not all! The dvd also has two bonus videos – Film School (2010) and Hurry Up & Die (2003). Only $8.00!!

The DVD can be found at these fine Skateshops

Milwaukee: Sky High Skateshop, Phase II Skateshop, Cream City Skatepark

Chicago: Uprise Skateshop

New York City: Labor Skateshop