I always hated blondes…that is until I became one.

So much has happened since my last update that there’s no use in summing it up with some retarded paragraph. Instead, I will do what seems to be the longest update in pictures that I’ve ever done. On a side note, it looks as though Josh added a spell check to the updater. I wonder why….EDIT: Disregard that last comment, it’s just the new version of Firefox.

This was our dance party. Steve obviously got MVP, but I assure you that everyone else was killing it along side the handsome man. Check out that fog machine! Here’s what happened next…

This is why I stopped drinking altogether.

Textbook piece of shit.

Chinatown from a rooftop.

Now for the goodies…There was a bike ride that took place under the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway). There was a BMX division, and a track bike division. It was pretty rad, although not too many people actually raced, probably due to the fact that the course included running some pretty sketchy intersections. Totally rad to watch though.

I guess Vance has been in town…