“I don’t know…because it looks like a boob?”

I asked Josh and Pizzy why boob bank is called boob bank. Both replied they didn’t know and said “maybe it looks like a boob?” My brain’s response would be “that ain’t no boob, guy.”

Boob Bank Mix circa 2010-2015 from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

Trivia/Goofs: This bank is actually tricky to skate because there’s a weak skate stopper in the middle, a little channel at the bottom, the lip and bank are rounded, there’s a pole on the right that can clothesline you, and it’s steep enough where if you popped a trick too high there’s a probability that you may land in the flat bottom or over the lip (adjust speed accordingly). *On a filmer/photographer standpoint, that yellow pole sucks balls.

Right now, the dudes (a bunch of Milwaukee trolls) are in NYC ripping. Last year around the same time I had the chance to document some of these trolls…

Delirium Tremens Raw Footage: EP 013 from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

Trivia/Goofs: Unfortunately, couldn’t skate all of Brooklyn banks but thankful to skate some of it regardless (of course media doesn’t do the banks justice…had the same feeling when I went to EMB in ’93…”whoa, a lot bigger than I thought” ((that’s what she said))). There were many highlights of the trip including hanging out with one of my all time favorites James and seeing his shop for the first time. A rad time with rad dudes.