“I Hate Sports”

Everyones either watching sports, has low T, or some sort of combination of both, so here I am posting on the long neglected site. These are all images from October of last year. I wasted them all on Instagram, and now 10 months later I am posting them here. Enjoy?

Let’s start off with this ultra serious cell phone creation: “Hank On One”.

Taylor Lalk – Fakie 5-0 Grind

Vince Stranc – Hurricane

Nick Mistele – Frontside Carve

Angry Little League Dad

Taylor Lalk – Backside Tailslide

Vince Stranc – Backside 5-0 Grind

Mikey Al Wathiqui – Crooked Grind

Nick Mistele – 360 Flip

Max Murphy – Melon Grab

Tavis – Backside Smith

Max Murphy – Backside Nosegrind

Max Murphy – Ollie

Max Murphy – 50-50