I hate the rain

So last night I saw The Grudge. It was incredibly stupid and although I did jump a couple of times it was not scary. However I kid you not I had nightmares because of it last night. And I never even remember my dreams. I dreamt that some girl and her cat were going to kill us. And something had happened that we went back to this house to stay safe. We were playing cards upstairs in some house with my roommate Katrina’s aunt and then the cat got in the house even though we had a barred door. I think it was magical or a ghost or something. And then I chased the cat around a Christmas tree and I caught it and I was holding it and my roommate Kendra gutted it. And then I stood there holding the limp cat as it dripped blood onto the floor making really loud dripping noises but the blood would disappear as it hit the floor. Then I woke up and it was pouring rain outside.

Having dreams about killing cats… does that make you a psycho?

I hate the rain.