I Smell A Rat.

I always find it funny when I hear kids (and adults) talking about getting “hooked up” or making sponsor tapes. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good people here in Milwaukee and the surrounding area, but when you see a clip like this from a virtually unknown kid from who knows where, it has to make you realize there is no way in hell any sponsor tape is going to get you anywhere. Between that and the fact that the skateboarding industry on a whole is taking a shit: “no one is getting sponsored in 2009”. My advice to you, the hopeful future pro? Go to school, get a degree in pet grooming and get me a discount. Gary’s fur is atrocious.

Have you been to Cream City lately? If not, get out there now. Lots of good stuff to skate that is always changing and some real good microwave foods to upset your little tummies. Bill and I are planning something pretty big for May, so keep your eyes and ears open for someone to spill the beans.

On April tenth there is a Turf skatepark art show for you to go to. I don’t have any information other than that, so next time you see Pizzy, make sure to ask him about it.

Later nerds.