I walk this earth alone in search of salvation

My new plan is to make every title a line from Hatebreed songs. You can thank Josh for that one….as he was loading up an ipod for a special person, and I was reminded how many fucking amazing lines are in Hatebreed songs. Seriously, they don’t quit…

I should be grading papers, reading, writing, eating or doing co…coa puff consumption, but instead, I’m at the ol’ computer. “Rusty! Hurry up! I’m going to do day one”. There’s a new progessive paper on campus at UWM. It’s called the UWM Times and it provides a fair look at issues such as gay rights, labor, race..it’s awesome! I can’t recommend it enough.

I played arkanoid yesterday for a solid three hours. Okay, it may have been less than three but I got into it. It all goes back to the options at the park. Speaking of the park, if the video clip section ever becomes operational again, I propose that during the winter, Josh update the site every week with a park clip. Kinda like that one other site, but the tricks may not be of the same caliber…although there was a few of that one guy…I know park clips aren’t always that rad, but it is the internet(s) and it does pass the time so I think it should be done. Clip number 1…joust.