I Wanna Feed You a Honey Bun

As I’m sure you know, there was an Indy demo at Cream City last week. Free beer was provided, and free beer is what I ate for lunch. When you eat free beer for lunch a guy doesn’t really do a very good job getting photos of the festivities for his website. I did get to see Dan Drehobl , Rick Howard, and Omar Hassan skate the bowl for a minute though. Obviously that was as awesome as you’d expect it to be. Otherwise I just cooked scores of burgers while trying to convince kids to pay the $1 they were supposed to cost, often failing, and then just giving them a burger anyway.

Before I manned the grill Sammy Baca was taking care of things. He was charging $0 for them, so that’s probably why the kids were so bummed when I insisted they gave me a dollar.

Saturday I skated all over the city with TJ, Pizzy, and Mike. It was a weird day where it would rain super hard or hail for two minutes out of nowhere and then be perfectly nice again like nothing happened.

According to Tim, this is a really old spot that people skated in the 80’s a lot. TJ Bohach, Crailslide.

Golden hour momentary rainstorm. A good photo op if you like corny photos like I do.

Mike’s in town for about as long as the day’s random rainstorms. We got a little bit of good new footage for the next video clip though.

Here’s a bonus shot of the knee that got fucked up earlier in the day. Falling while filming are the worst falls ever. If you want to save the camera at least. It was fine for the rest of the day because there wasn’t a mega scab forming, and not bad the next day either. Today I can barely walk. Gotta suffer for the art, man.

Speaking of “the art”, here’s some potential shoegaze record cover photos that I took the other day.

Too bad it’s not 1989 anymore.

Don’t forget to watch the new video clip. A big thanks to Mike Munz for linking to it on the Skateboard Mag site, also. High five.