I Want to Feed You A Honey Bun

Another one about things that happened long ago, in a land far, far away. Although, this one is better because it also includes a video clip. So watch that first in preparation. Catalyst.

One night Tim and I found the Myspace music page for this guy we’ve seen around town at 80s night at a bar. He is a bit, shall we say, flamboyant, and we were enamored by his Depeche Mode-ish musical stylings. As usual, we sang along, but changed the lyrics to make them about Milwaukee’s most hated cat, Gary. We must have sang the song to Russ, because I think it got some gears turning in that little head of his. You see, Russ had been creating some video segments for a show on Fuel TV and always needed new ideas. That channel does not reach the Horny House, so I’ve never seen it, but Pizzy reports: “Not that great”. Anyway, the wheels had been set in motion.

Russ somehow convinced the internet music guy to re-record some of his song and change the lyrics into what Tim and I made up. I have to give him props for that, you’d guess anyone that wears eyeliner in public a lot would be overly serious. Not Russ, the music guy. Soon enough, Russ had the keyboard laden musical masterpiece in his email box and we got to work.

The premise is simple: Gary had recently ran away (which was actually true) and was sad and needed some cheering up. Tim played the grief stricken cat owner whom hired the Cat based new wave band Catalyst to make Gary feel better. As with any band there is some infighting about how a song should be done, and arbitration is needed.

We filmed it all in one day, and I think Russ edited it immediately because the deadline was very quickly approaching. I guess the version they played on Tv is slightly edited for time.

The river water faux beef tasted horrible.