Ice Pirates.

9 AM.

Today I have decided to stay in the house all day and make an update every hour on the hour. Will I have anything to say? Will there be huge images? Will I say something about you? The only way to find out is to check back at the top of the hour.

I am going start by talking about one of my favorite rap acts to ever come out of the Texas area; The Geto Boys (sorry Gentry). When they first came out, alot of people dismissed them as another gangsta rap group just jumping on the bandwagon. What they didn’t realize is the weight they would carry through the new millenium. If you go back and listen to alot of their stuff, it’s still relevant to this very day. Especially the track “Fuck a War”. Other cuts like “Gangster of Love” and “Talkin’ Loud Aint Sayin’ Nothin” will always hit close to home for all suburban white kids. The Geto Boys were all about equality. They even had a one eyed midget in their crew.

If you don’t have any Geto Boys in your music library, I suggest you find some . It’s fun getting scared listening to Willie D!