If I ever meet one that’s read Roussel, I’ll make the same mistake again

I got back yesterday evening and headed right back into the mix. It was okay though, I’m not drinking for a bit, we’ll see how long it lasts. I think I want to stop for 2 months, but I love my crew and I’m very susceptable to influence (READ: I’m a weak bastard). I have to echo the sentiments expressed earlier regarding how nice it was to see my male non-sexual boyfriends. I don’t get to see them enough obviously, and given my love for small dogs, it was even more exciting to come into Steve’s house and be surprised by a very small dog standing on the computer desk. Wild.

Althogh this has been covered in great detail elsewhere..WEDNESDAY NIGHT! It was a superb time, and everyone was killing…well I wasn’t really killing it at all, but everyone but me was. Magna broke two boards, Cap did one hell of a move on the Bulgaria bank and that was just the beginning. When are the sons of Illni going to venture up on Wed? Hopefully really soon….

It looks as though my coaching duties have been extended to include matchmaking, therapy, intervention and damage control, although I think they always included the latter. If anyone needs the aformentioned services, be sure to hit me up and I’ll get you in there. It’s now time to go teach, but not before I give the weeklies…Raw goodies, Shepheard’s Hotel, being sober?, Juniper coming home on Friday, new crews, a bath tub that actually drains, being homesick in my hometown, anxiety about everything, needing to leave soon, girls with low self-esteem vol. 3, Le Samourai, Arrested Developmen S.3, dinners with BeeBee and not eating wheat for a month.

Photo Of The Year #1