“It’s Driving Me Nuts”

Hello turds. Updates have been few and far between. They also have been seriously lacking of content. Sorry. It’s winter and nothing happens in winter besides getting deathly ill and watching alot of TV.

Speaking of TV, the new season of The Surreal Life started last night and boy was it a doozy. That dwarf from Austin Powers is on it and he’s ruthless! Dude got hornier that any midget ever, and also got drunk as a skunk, falling all over Peter Brady. On top of that, that crazy amazon bitch, Chyna, took the little man’s room that was made especially for him! They ate sushi off the first season winner from Americas Next Top Model, Adrianne. She was totally naked and the midge was glitching. He also got up in the middle of the night, rode his little scooter (totally naked) to the living room and pissed in the corner. He was hammered. This is quality televison, people. Don’t miss it next sunday on VH1.

Being sick sucks. Besides feeling like crud, you miss out on all the fun stuff. The fun stuff being last night’s brat party over at Josh’s house. I missed out on free brats! Not only that, but I also missed the holiday party that was thrown by my employer. Free beer and pizza is a terrible thing to miss out on. Not as terrible as brats, but you still have to be bummed.

I haven’t skated in a long long time. Last time I did manage to get out I broke my board and haven’t even bothered getting a new one. How’s that for dedication? I should go to Ron’s or The Room