It’s hard to hear you calling me an asshole with your tounge in my ear

I was going to update yesteday before I went out, but when I tried to preview my update, it deleted it. After that I got frustrated and didn’t bother. It was a shitter anyway, kind of a hater post, which we don’t need anymore of these days, only foward moving, foward thinking sons of the Original American City. I’m trying a new tech this time. I’m making a label for each section so if you have no interest in reading the retarded details of nights out, skip to the section that interests you most. Not that anymore than 3 people read this anyway, but either way, here goes…


It’s necessary to echo something Josh said about the Milwaukee Skateboarding dudes. These kids rule. I’m not trying to sweat them too hard, but they are my favorites for sure. I used to see them when they would come into the shop as little dudes, and now they are out there like fucking maniacs. Josh introduced me to their stuff via YouTube, and he was like “Check it, these kids are seriously all city!”. It was true, they skate the entire metro area. It’s nice to see people that actually seek out new shit. I feel like these days with 4 or so parks in the area and all the rest, it’s super easy to get lazy. These kids go against that notion, and it gets me hyped. Can’t wait for the vid. Okay, enough ass kissing…I was at old dude night briefly this evening and I have express my concern about the old dude-ness of the whole affair. I usually say the more the merrier, but in this case I was a little bummed. Too many little/young dudes, not enough beer bellies and slappies. I suppose it’s run its course anyway. It’s going to start getting colder and the sessions will get bigger. This is great for Cream City though, so I’m stoked either way.


Last night I went out for the usual Tuesday at the ADC Clubhouse also know as the Stone. It’s a bar literally around the corner from my house and Sky High. The bartender is this awesome Bay View loc girl who brings it to the next level every time. Tuesday is $2 bomb night, and she’ll make anything a bomb. Beam bomb? you got it…Jame-o-bomb? No sweat. I encourage anyone who is interested to come by and at least do 1-2 bombs with the Tuesday crew. Did I mention the free pool? I was somewhat startled when my ex called me to tell me that our pup was going to the ER because she vomited and then collapsed, but it’s cool, she just has a heart murmur. Maybe she’s nervous about moving to North Carolina, I don’t know. After the Stone we…I mean I went home alone and went promptly to bed. Yes, that’s exactly what I did. Today on the way home from old dude night I stopped at the Pal, had a beer and picked up some healthy bar food. Drinking, it’s the best way to ruin your life.


I got an interesting text from a person who I cut off communication with because sh…umm, the person was creepy? I was offered “a second chance”, which was funny given the circumstances. Instead of sending any reply, I used the lack thereof to help convey my response in a more tangible manner. Today I also found out that I will be going to LA on a “Government Sponsored” trip which will involve hanging out primarily with Republicans, and hopefully a Tuxedo rental. I’m really stoked about this trip, and I think it will be a great way to break-up the winter blues. Travelling is something that I cannot get enough of. I do it whenever I can, and this winter I had three week road trip through Mexico planned. Unfortunately my partner in crime has to work during the proposed dates, so I will be going to Europe alone instead. Anyone want to meet up? I would like to steer clear of the usual spots like Barca, Paris, blah, blah, and would be interested in going to Croatia, Slovenia or some other Central Euro spots. If anyone has any suggestions hit me up, I’d love to hear them. I have a collegue in my department from Croatia, and when I told her I wanted to go she got really excited and gave me all these links and a travel book. In fact, my road trip partner is Croatian as well. She showed me several rolls of film from the last time she was there, and it looks amazing. It’s possible that I’ll end up in Berlin clubbing and being a douche for three weeks too. One can never tell.

I think that’s it for this time. I’ll leave you with an epic pic from our gauntlet the other night…

Wait, that pic’s from planet, I think Magna is in there. Nevermind about the gauntlet…