It’s Raining…….

Lord Cru is always hatin’. It’s funny though, that last post is so ass backwards it’s incredible. With all these people carrying around dressed up “cat sized” dogs in their 500 dollar Louis Vuitton handbags, it’s alot like; “yeah I want a cat, but there is no way it would let me dress it up in these gay clothes and carry it around to be laughed at by everyone”. That is, by far, the last thing the world needs more of.

All this little guy needs is some rollerblades and a fanny pack to finish up this bay area look.

Where the hell is this dogs 60gig iPOD photo? I could see him listening to something like Bloc Party or Fischerspooner.

I guess this just says it all. I wonder if they make all the Village People costumes for dogs. Just seems appropriate, doesn’t it?