It’s the dude, not the hair

There’s really no way to sum up the last 24 hours, and I have to do the last week…This could prove troublesome and/or really long, but I’m guessing it will be the former. I’m on a vacation that is somewhat intense right now. It started out in North Carolina where I was helping my sister move into a new abode. After an extremely long and obnixious day of travel, I arrived in NYC with a free ticket to anywhere as compensation for my troubles. The best part about my arrival was that it was only me that made it. My bag was nowhere to be found.

The temperature in NYC was less than desirable for heavy denim and hi-tops, but that didn’t prevent it from being my only outfit for the next 24 hours min. Luckily Steve loaned me some white cut-off shorts that I was able to wear with my hi-tops in all their glory. It was a sight to behold, given that I looked like some combination of Gilligan and Brock. After a shot of mischief Juice, we went to several other bars with a crew of men all in shorts. The only member of our party who did not have shorts on quickly stopped at his apartment to put some on so as not to throw off the mood. After that I had way too many drinks and went home.

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day picking up items that were in the suitcase that still hasn’t arrived at my doorstep. The hangover didn’t help, but I was turned on to the wonders of young coconut as a cure for the morning after the wreckage. Yesterday evening brought drinks at a cozy place and Smith’s night. That is the very short version of the story, and there is certainly a lot more to report in the coming weeks. I’m keeping a travel log of all the events that are going down this trip, so perhaps I can put it together with a collection of photos and make it available for viewing at a later date.

The list of amazement this week is ladies of leisure on the last week of leisure, kale, rice cakes, vietnamese spring rolls, Kira, lazy rivers, yuba, deli selection on 1st, not getting too wasted last night, kiehl’s as my savior, luminaire awards, yerba mate, being back on the coffee, plans for Thailand and dumplings.