Jaleel Fight

Wow, The Plat is going off lately. Our excuse? Xydar. Always giving Star Fleet so much trouble.

Anyway, Bill’s wedding is tomorrow. His bachelor party was on Wednesday. Vance was in good form. Snow White was in good form. I had to leave earlier, but I hope the seven 30 packs of PBR got taken care of. Make sure to give Bill some congrats.

Holy crap. “Richie says he was told Iraqis were playing “All Night Long,” on the streets the night U.S. tanks rolled into the country in 2003.”

Youtube links!
Pretty much all enders.
Pretty much the best fight scene ever.
Cat Montage 1.
Cat Montage 2.
Cat Montage 3.
Cat Montage 4.
Cat Montage 5.
Street Survival
Dog Montage 1.

I sure lost my updating steam after watching all those cat montages. ‘Til next time…