Keepin’ Wonky Up All Night!!

The weekend before last, as we were driving down the street we spied this young Micheal Meyers just hanging out on his porch threatening all oncoming traffic with his glow in the dark dagger. As my favorite midget rapper once said “…it wasn’t even close to Halloween!”. Needless to say, we were stoked on the little guy. He was a bit camera shy, but then again, so is the real Micheal Meyers.

I was tempted to run some corny “vintage” photoshop filter on this with maybe some faux vignetting to make it very very arty and scary, but fuck it. I’ll leave that to Gary and the sexy pictures he posts of himself on his flickr.

Fast forward to last weekend and Max Murphy was doing ollies over things with ease that really seemed like they might be too tall to easily jump over.

Pizzy was dressed as an aristocratic Enlgish Madame that day.

Later we went to everyone’s favorite faux east coast grimy style alley. It’s often commented on how fun and easy it is to skate and has never bummed a single person out. Here’s Tj Bohach with a frontside crooked grind.

Matt Nordness – Fakie 5-0 grind.

Max Murphy – Frontside Nosegrind Pop Out.

Coming soon: more faux East Coast griminess!