Kick Ass Blaster

This is the first update with no skate photos in quite a long time. This used to happen a lot, back in ‘der good ‘ol days. Yah know?

More film crap.

Race Official: [at the top of the jump ramp] What’s your jump?
Harkin Banks: The Kick-Ass Blaster.
Race Official: I’ve never heard of that, what is it?
Harkin Banks: It’s my jump.
Race Official: Well you’ll have to tell me what it is before I can let you go down.
Harkin Banks: It’s a twistin’ triple.
Race Official: A twistin’ triple? I’ve never even *seen* one of those done before. Are you qualified to do that?
Harkin Banks: We’ll I’m gonna do it.
Race Official: [shakes his head] Allright… go ahead.
Harkin Banks: [smiles and skiis off]