Knifedick Is Just Happy To Be Here.

There isn’t much in this world that I am absolutely positively positive about, but there is one thing I know for sure; Josh Ellis knows how to properly utilize a charcoal grill and cook brats to a juicy perfection. You can bet your life savings on it.

Since I have somehow completely ruined my achilles tendon, I haven’t been able to push which means I haven’t been able to skate. This also means I am super crabby and bored. Especially since October is my favorite month to skate weather wise and we are also supposed to be going to Louisville in a week or so. Icyhot, don’t fail me.

Since winter is creeping up on us fast, I am beginning to worry about our neighborhood buddy; Fake Gary. He has no home which means he will be awful cold roaming the hood in the months to come. Uncle Daddy Stemper was supposed to take him home, but who knows if that is going to happen. Stemper leads such a wild and carefree lifestyle that having a pet might be too much responsibility for him right now. Maybe there is someone out there who might want to put him up for the winter? He’s super nice and friendly (unlike the real Gary) and has the most endearing voice you have ever heard out of a cat. Here are a couple of photos capturing the true essence of our little buddy while he hung out with us tonight during the cookout.

He needs a good home for a few months. If you have a place, let me know.

Josh and I have a lot of stuff. Piles of it. Rows of it. Stacks of it. Over my next few updates (will be more often now) I am going to attempt to showcase some of the crap that takes up the little space we have here at the horny house.

Between the two of us, we have about thirteen bikes. These are the five complete and ridable BMX bikes we put together. Used mostly on weekends to get to the bar and sometimes for the occasional curb endo. Why five? Well, sometimes one of your friends might need a BMX to get to the bar too, and we are very accommodating to our guests. Remember, driving drunk is a bad thing. Drunk BMXing is a rad thing. Oh, and for the record, only one of our bikes has pegs and they are strictly used to support a passenger. Josh and I do not endorse freestyle or street riding or whatever they call it now. Our seats are horizontal.

While I am on the subject of people doing retarded crap (like peg grinds), anyone at the cage in Estabrook park tagging or writing stupid crap; please stop. Respect your skate spot and use your energy to build – not deface. Thanks.

Later nerds.