Knock the Dust off Yer Dick

Strangely I’ve proceeded in efforts to upgrade the ancient postage size stamp videos in the archives to the embedded and improved flash versions. I’ve actually cranked up the quality quite a bit this round too. Pure excitement! Anyway, bask in the glory of ten old Mini Videos now presented in a quality somewhat better than a sack of donkey dicks.

This is the favorite of the bunch:

The first appearance of the Matt Nordness! Our old friend – the Hardees bank! (RIP). Pizzy surfing his car! (Also RIP). Glorious.

Here’s the 10 new ones available. Watch ’em all, even though you might have already seen them all years ago. It’s too hot outside for life.
Mini Video 45 – I Can Feel It Pizzy combos, Pizzy owl calls.
Mini Video 46 – San Diego 2 1000 CLs were consumed in the creation of this one.
Mini Video 47 – Just A Little Embedded above.
Mini Video 48 – I’m So Free Teamwork! Bill at his best.
Mini Video 49 – She Said Lots of manuals in this one. And I do a trick!
Mini Video 50 – Buns Buns Buns A trip to Louisville. Another of my favs.
Mini Video 51 – Daydream This is my second choice for best of the bunch.
Mini Video 52 – Can’t Stand the Midwest Filmed in a February, which seemed odds at the time.
Mini Video 53 – After Credits 2008 The things that were left over.
Mini Video 54 – San Diego 3 1980s rock n roll!