So I am without internet (I am at Josh’s house). This may be good for me as it will be be more condusive to getting some skateboarding done. However, it will definately hinder my updating and keep me out of the loop as far as new funny video clips, yiffy art and porn are concerned. Oh well.

If you happen to get to Phase II, pick up a copy of the new Stuck mag. It has a good photo of John Rockafellow and a Rob Owens interview. Also while you are there, make sure to spend lots of money and make fun of James for finding the easter eggs hidden in the new Blind video.

Speaking of shops, a while ago I told you guys about that new shop in Madison called Alumni. Well it’s open now and has a full stock of skateboards and accessories. They are also carrying Nike Dunks, so if you happen to be into those things, they will have the limited shoes on hand as they come out (they have the Rayguns now). Go peep.

Terri Schivo R.I.P. (finally).