Recently I realized that I’ve had a few exposed rolls of film chilling in the fridge for a couple of years. I developed those babies in my bathroom, scanned them up, and looked at them with my eye-holes. Below are some of my favorites from the back-log.

Matt and Max. I opened the camera to see if there was film in it. There was.

Max Murphy – Naughty Car Ride

Eric, AKA 80s Dad

War is hell. Pizzyfest is Satanic.

Lake Seseganaga, Ontario. My half-frame camera isn’t working so well anymore.

Billy dreaming and screaming about the Northern Pike

Bradford – we watched Game of Thrones after this

Matt Nordness – Backside 50-50

Mikey Al Wathiqui – Backside 50-50

Generous cookie Muggs

Max at home

Matt Nordness – Frontside Wallride

The Murphy brothers have a bad attitude

Max Murphy – 5-0

Catcasso Friendship