Lobot’s Lament.

About two weeks ago I had an urge to buy a video camera. Being a man of limited means (meaning I’m poor as ballz), I didn’t have many choices. Fortunately, there is this company that makes these small, high definition cameras that are relatively cheap. Getting a good review from our good pal in N.Y., Steve Green helped me decide, so off to Best Buy I went.

And this is what I returned with. It’s a Flip UltraHD with a whopping 8 gigs of memory. That’s about 2 hours worth of space for skateboarding, cats, trolls, etc etc. The battery lasts almost long enough to fill up those two hours but takes about 6 hours to charge. If you run out of battery, you can also throw a couple of double a’s in there, but it’s a waste of money as those only last about 15 minutes at best.

I took a small wide angle lens, opened it up and flipped the glass around to make it a fisheye and attached it to the cam by means of super gluing a step up ring to the front of the camera. Not the greatest video quality in the world, but for the price and size, it looks decent.

This is the fruits of two separate days at Cream City, and there are more clips to come.

Gorf Life 1

Hope you like it.

Later nerds.