Max Murphy in VHS

Max enjoys a nice beer, cooking on a BBQ grill, spending a quiet evening at home with his VHS tape collection, and skateboarding with his friends.  Above you’ll notice that his new skating part from the video “VHS” is displayed.  Please click the play button and have a sample of his risk-taking “you only live once” mindset and lifestyle. If you enjoy his part, please consider purchasing “VHS” on a digital video disc.  Details below.
About the DVD:
Main Feature Run Time: 15 Mins
Bonus Material: 60 Mins – Web Clips 2010-2012
Only $8.00, postage included!!

Postage is included in price!
If ordering outside of the USA please email us first to so postage can be calculated.
Available at these fine skate shops:
Milwaukee Area: Phase 2, Sky High, Cream City
Chicago Area: Uprise, FA Skateboard Shop, Yeah Boardshop
NYC: Labor