Meeeeoowwr. Has that been used before as a headliner on this site?

Raise the volume, I believe Elliot meowrred in each clip. Best dude, wiskate OG.

Elliot raw footage circa 2006-2018 from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

Trivia/goofs: Elliot loved the camera, hated acting, loved eating grass, hated bubbles…I enjoyed working with him, very professional. Ask Josh about his personal life.

I don’t remember who coined the term “Zorb” (probably just us) for rounded type skateable objects (like the “Bauer”/”bower” or “Bowzer” according to the mayor, Jimmy Brickner, for bank to ledge). But here’s a random compilation of zorb skating…thought I had more but nope.

Zorb mix from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, more of these…

Delirium Tremens Raw Footage: EP 010 from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

Trivia/goofs: Pizzy filmed some stuff and I think there was some bet with Mikey regarding the pizzy big spin land at 90’s hip…

Throwback clip 2013…

Nocember: The Gargon Files – Drew Rickaby and Nick Mistele part. from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

Trivia/goofs: Sleepy wears his glasses a lot in this part, and he catches them falling after landing in two clips. Gag holds a cig during a line at Riverside and has a cig in his mouth during a line at the marsupial bridge. Gag landed the switch flip over the double set on video and tried it again for a photo but landed primo and hit his head. I’d like to say Gag had something to do with the title “Nocember” but I can’t remember the details right now…ask him.