Might as well..

Well here I go, might as well have three updates today. I’ve been lurking pretty tough at school and haven’t had much time to think about the thrash and other such things. I have had time to go to this one place and skate though, maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s weird though, we skate the stuff after work is done but BEFORE the entire park is completed. Kinda strange, imagine being able to do that and not sneaking around late at night to do illicit things in the bowl. Wait…I mean..

So I’m going to Madison to support the crew this Friday, and I suggest you do the same. I’m going to revise Josh’s statement that was like “If you live in the area and feel like it…” If you live in the area you have no excuse and if you live in any other city with 250 mi. your excuses are minimal. Go to the opening. I guess that’s it for now..my updates were always a little weak, obscure and often cryptic but that’s all going to change. Things are getting weird.