Milwaukee Money Makers + Pittsburgh Players = Mega Pimp Vacation Pt. 1

A few of us decided to leave Milwaukee for the weekend and skate with our brothers from the Steel City. Hell of a good time had by all. Such a fun city and the crew out there is beyond rad. Below are a couple photos from the trip.

justinwalliepoleweb Justinfs5-0bankledgeweb
Justin Funk, with a text book wallie and wall ride 5-0. I’ve known this guy since when I moved to PGH in 2009. One of the nicest dudes out, hell, he let 7 smelly trolls from MKE crash on his floor without needing any convincing.

Nick Mistele, Fs Bluntslide to Fakie Nosegrind. I can honestly say I think this weekend was the first time in the history of knowing Mistele that I did not see him pass out on a couch. Proud of you bud!

This is Dan Sotak. This is Dan doing a Bs Tailslide going Mach 10. Dan is a ginger, but he reminded everyone multiple times on this day that he does have a soul.

This is Chase Hopper with a dog. They are now friends.

Brain boy Brickner breaking boundaries and boosting a big bad backside flip over a busted ass barrier.

Vince Stranc did this wallie into the bank at MLK. Honestly this photo doesn’t really do this trick justice. Either way, here it is. Good job Vince, I hope one day you’ll find a dog that will allow you to spray paint him blue.

Last but not least here’s Drew Rickaby doing a Bs Smith grind. I’ll write more about Rickaby in Part 2 and 3. For now just enjoy this perfetcly executed Skateboard Maneuver.

My Brain is fried. Part 2 coming sooner then later.