Rewind: Mini Video 0 – Gone Wild

This is the first(ish) complete edit I ever made. I thought it was lost forever for a long time. Earlier this year when the ‘rona hit I spent a bunch of time capturing some old Hi-8 tapes, and by miracle(?) this video was on one of the tapes.  This is essentially unseen, because in those olden days there was no way to easily share a video of this length via the internet.  It was functionally impossible.  The reason I thought the video was lost was because it was transferred onto some unlabelled VHS tape, which has since gone missing.

The whole thing is completely embarrassing.  I suppose something you made twenty years ago should be.   I did choose the song as a joke, I remember that much.  It is sort of a compilation of a lot of the footage from the earlier Mini Videos that were posted in the early days of the site.  These actually are lost for good.  Let’s say contains footage from Mini Videos 1-15.  Plus additional content.

This was edited using a program called Ulead Video Studio Pro. It was an unsuccessful competitor to Adobe Premiere. The only reason I used Video Studio was because it came with the video capture card one needed back then to get video clips onto your computer. Yeah, you needed special hardware to get video onto the hard drive. Uphill both ways in the snow, etc etc.

Congrats if you watch the whole thing, it’s pretty painful. Featuring the antics of Ben Vance, Pat Gaynor, Mark Heiderich, Greg Lutzka, Boban, Pat Forster, Jon Bunch, and Nate Heilberger.

Here are some period appropriate photos that exist in the same timeline as the above video: