Mini Video 96 – Cellscape

Here’s where I try to inject something clever about the number ninety six. Something something “96 Tears”?? Print it.

Segment two – Cellar Cection/Sellar Section – A tour of cellar doors available in South East Wisconsin. Fifteen unique sloped entrances were skated upon and captured in our field notes. Segment brought to you by our corporate sponsor BILCO – an Amesbury Truth Company.

Filmed on Hi8 Spring/Early Summer 2022. The camera almost gave up and left a final session uncapturable. After a very outdated Youtube tutorial, and a hail mary electronic surgery, the TRV-120 again joined the living. The day was saved and the clips were logged.

Starring: Max Murphy, Vince Stranc, Payne Counihan, Pat Forster, Sean Hanley, Drew Rickaby, Jacob Tyler Mumford, Josh Ellis, Eric Risser, Nick Mistele, Bradford Bishop, Taylor Lalk, and Mikey Al Wathiqui.

Filmed by Josh Ellis and Hank Scorsese.

Production stills by Bradford Bishop:

Vince Stranc, Bam Drop onto a constructed specifically for the spot cellar door. It was determined that custom doors were worth at least double the points versus a store bought cellie. (Sorry BILCO.)
Vince Stranc – Frontside Shove It
Max Murphy – Euro Gap Noseblunt
Nick Mistele – Gap to Backlip
Vince Stranc – Hurricane
Max Murphy – Tailslide to Switch Crooked Grind
New father Sean Hanley performs a switch frontside kickflip.