I’m briefly resurfacing to beat the dead horse with this reminder: Come out to our full length skate video premiere this Friday (that’s tomorrow!) at 7pm at Cream City. Come for the grinding, stay for the sliding.

Here’s promotional photo from behind the scenes of Gone Filmin’ (or maybe Beautiful. Lots of hard work filming lots of dudes doing lots of tricks went into this. Skating experts (okay, just me) predict it’s probably at least 6 times better than the last video. The video features full parts from Kyle Herman, TJ Bohach, Pat Murphy, Sam Freyberg, Erik Switzer, Matt Nordness and two mystery skaters (pictured below). Plus a friends section filled with a generous assortment of notable dudes. We will have DVDs for sale at the premiere, so bring your lunch money if you want one.

Mystery skaters… Who could they be?

In addition to the video, Josh is showing his art video entitled: Film School. Come see what Pizzy looks like in super 8. There will also be raffles, prizes, and live music.

Since I don’t want this to just be photos of dudes holding cameras, here’s one trick from the video:

Yeah, one’s all I got.